Tenth Grade Math

This page offers challenging Grade 10 Math Exercises and concept explanations that are aligned with the Common Core Mathematics curriculum. Students in Grade 10 work closely with the expressions that define the functions and continue to expand and hone their abilities to model situations and to solve equations, including solving quadratic equations over the set of complex numbers and solving exponential equations using the properties of logarithms.

Students now use the coordinate plane to extend trigonometry to model periodic phenomena. They explore the effects of transformations on graphs of diverse functions, including functions arising in applications, in order to abstract the general principle that transformations on a graph always have the same effect regardless of the type of underlying function. They identify appropriate types of functions to model a situation, adjust parameters to improve the model, and compare models by analyzing appropriateness of fit and making judgments about the domain over which a model is a good fit. Students see how the visual displays and summary statistics learned in earlier grade levels relate to different types of data and to probability distributions.